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Celebrating 4 Years Of Robotics Innovation: Culham Hosts The Final RAIN Hub Event

Celebrating 4 Years Of Robotics Innovation: Culham Hosts The Final RAIN Hub Event

To mark a milestone accomplishment in the robotics and engineering world, the RAIN Hub Programme held its celebration event at Culham- to commemorate 4 years of innovation and collaboration. We were invited along to cover the event, the culmination of our four month commission to film and document the researchers, working groups and impact that the programme has made over the last 4 years.


Introduction to the RAIN Hub and Robotics Innovation

The UK’s national robotics research centre, the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear (RAIN) Hub, is based at the Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire. The Hub was established to bring together leading academics and industry partners to conduct world-leading research into developing robotic technologies for the nuclear sector.

The RAIN Hub has supported a number of ground-breaking projects over the past four years, including:

• The development of a new generation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that can inspect nuclear reactors without putting human lives at risk;

• The creation of a ‘virtual reality’ environment that allows engineers to trial different designs for nuclear reactor components; and

• The construction of a mock-up nuclear power plant, which is being used to test new radiation-resistant robotic technologies.

The final event in the RAIN Hub’s programme was held on 16th March 2022 at the Culham Science Centre. The day celebrated the achievements of the Hub over its four years of operation, and looked ahead to the future of robotics and artificial intelligence in the nuclear sector.


Documenting Our Experience Filming The Event

We were thrilled to be able to document the final RAIN Hub event at Culham Science Centre. The day was a celebration of all the amazing work that has been done by the Hub over the past four years, and it was great to see so many people coming together to celebrate this achievement.

We had been filming and working with RAIN for a number of months. Visiting multiple institutions around the country and producing a huge series of videos that documented the researchers experience and well as overview pieces talking about the working groups and specific outcomes from the programme.

This meant there were a lot of familiar faces on the day, which was great! Our work in the nuclear sector has grown over the last few years and it has been some of the most enjoyable content we have produced. The passion and expertise shown by the contributors is always so impressive and very inspiring.

We had a great time filming the event, and it was wonderful to see all the different robots that have been developed through the Hub. Spot was a particular highlights but watching people use the VR devices was also really interesting. It was also fascinating to hear from the different researchers about their work and how they are using robotics to innovate in their field.

Overall, it was an incredible day and we are so grateful to have been able to document it. We hope that you enjoy watching the video and get a glimpse into this amazing world of research and innovation!

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