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When it comes to video production, there are a lot of different elements that go into the process. From start to finish, commissioning a video project can seem a bit overwhelming. But don't worry! We're here to help and always available to answer and questions you may have

Where do we start?

Simply drop us an email or give us a call to begin with. We’ll have a chat about your project, company or product and get an idea of ultimately what you are looking to produce.

Can you produce for multiple platforms?

Of course! When we discuss the project, you may need it to perform on different platforms. This is no problem, it's the norm now to cut a landscape and vertical edit for differing viewing methods. Even if you decide after the shoot we can reshape the cut for social.

I’m not sure what video we want?

That’s not a problem. Once we understand the purpose of the content we can begin to draft an idea for consideration. From loose concepts to full script development and more than happy to work collaboratively to bring things to life.

How much should we budget?

We’re more than happy to discuss budgets and are used to working on projects of varying sizes for clients in different sectors. From small, single day shoots to multi day international events. We’ll pull a quote together for consideration and then can take it from there.

Where do you cover?

We're based in Glasgow, Scotland but we travel all over producing videos. Along with Scotland, we regularly cover North and South of England and have enjoyed trips to Europe to cover events and managed projects for broadcast in the USA. Basically, we're always up for an adventure!

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